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Welcome to the Dublin University Climbing Club


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Welcome message from the captain

Hey guys,

Hope you all survived and enjoyed freshers week!

Just a wee welcome to all our new members this year and a welcome back to all our old members who signed up again! Hope you all enjoy this year as part of DUCC.

As there is an influx of new members at the start of term and because there are only allowed to be 50 members in at the wall at a time, for the first couple of weeks we will be issuing a sign up sheet for club sessions. Our sessions start this Tuesday night (29th september) and we have two sessions weekly on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7pm until 10pm. For the first few weeks the sessions will be split into two 90 minute slots from 7:00 until 8:30pm and 8:30 until 10:00pm and you will need to sign up for one of these slots for each session on the sign up sheet that will be put up on the notice board outside the climbing wall in the sports centre the day before each club session, so sign up early to avoid disappointment. Please sign up for either but not both 90 minute slots to allow as many members to enjoy our sessions. As people leave the sessions more people can come into the wall so its usually worth hanging around! Full 3 hour sessions will resume in a few weeks once numbers start to fall.

As we don't have enough gear for all 50 members in each 90 minute slot and as everyone cant climb on the wall at the same time we operate a system of sharing around harnesses and shoes so when someone finishes a climb they give their harness to the next person in line in order for everyone to get a chance to climb on the wall. Also committee members won't be training and testing for belay licenses for the first wee while to give everyone a chance to use the wall. Also please return all gear to the box after each club session.

The sign up sheet for this year's first club session will go up on the noticeboard in the sports centre tomorrow afternoon so please sign up then.

After sessions there's usually a good crowd that head to O'Neils on Pearse street for a few so everyone is more than welcome to come along!

Hopefully see you all at the wall soon. :)

Claire Hardy
DUCC Captain

Trinity Climbing Wall

The new Trinity climbing wall is now open - 11m metres high and 18 metres long with space for 14 routes to be used simultaneously. The department of sports have a photo here. The sports centre is on the corner of Pearse Street and Westland Row and the impressive new climbing wall is visible from the street.

TCD Climbing Times
Tuesday: 7-10pm
Thursday: 7-10pm

Members can arrive and leave at anytime during the 7-10pm session on both Tuesday and Thursday. Beginners are always welcome at sessions. Simply arrive at the wall, join the club if you haven't already done so and we'll take it from there. You require no gear aside from comfortable clothing and trainers, we provide the rest.

Belay training and testing will take place from 9-10pm during those sessions and it is quieter at the wall at that time. We will do our best to facilitate belay training and assessment for licences at each session but due to the constant bustle at the wall recently we ask members to be patient in this regard.

Gym members can still use the climbing wall outside climbing club hours so long as they have a "climbing license" (i.e. have passed a belay test). People wishing to climb should ensure that they've paid down at reception and have their receipts with them. The sports centre also request that wall users change in the changing rooms and use the lockers provided. Also note that they don't allow people to use loose chalk - but a chalk ball is easily improvised using a stocking or an old sock (clean, preferably).

Club trips

The club tries to run at least 4 weekend trips away each year to a variety of locations in Ireland - from Donegal to Kerry, the Burren to Glendalough. In addition to the officially organised club trips there are often groups of people heading away to climbing meets, bouldering competitions or even just out to Dalkey Quarry for the day (or after College/work for the evening in the summer months). So come along and meet the other members and you should have no problem satisfying your cravings for climbing.

Meet the climbing club

During term time, Dublin University Climbing Club meets at the wall, Tuesdays and Thursdays 7pm to 10pm and sometimes on to one of our local pubs. To find out what the club is doing, join our mailing lists , check out our events page or contact one of the committee members. Alternatively we also have an experimental forum.

Mailing List

If you are not receiving emails from the committee please join our 'climbers' mailing list  yourself through this website by following the instructions on the 'mailing lists' page.


Dublin University Climbing Club recognises that rock climbing, mountaineering and hillwalking are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. The club strongly promotes the ethic that individuals involved in these activities must be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and personal involvement

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